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Welcome to another issue of The Anti-Newsletter by Read Something Great, where I send you an email once a month with links to 5 timeless articles.

Last week, RSG completed a month of its existence in the world, and I'd like to thank you for contributing to the journey. If you'd like to see a few stats about Month 1, I shared them on Twitter.

Anyway, now on to the good stuff.

Here are links to 5 timeless articles

  • Save Like A Pessimist, Invest Like An Optimist, by Morgan Housel: A piece that has the highest impact to read time ratio that I've seen in a long time. If you haven't read it already, it'll change the way you look at the world.

  • It's time to build: A New World's Fair, by Cameron Wiese: Drawing from the concept of World Fairs that were common in the 1900s, Cameron Wiese paints a picture of a modern version of these events that could inspire us to work towards greater common goals.

  • Social Status: Down the Rabbit Hole, by Kevin Simler: A fascinating exploration into dominance and prestige, the two drivers of social status in humans.

  • The Tyranny Of Time, by Joe Zadeh: A peek into the emergence of measured time. A read that will educate you about the most commonly used noun in the English language - time.

  • A Project of One's Own, by Paul Graham: The way our systems are structured today forces us to think about work and play as two distinct concepts. In this piece, Paul Graham suggests that working on a 'Project of One's Own' blurs the line between the two, and makes life a whole lot more exciting.

That's it for this month. I'll see you in August!

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